Before Meridies was a Kingdom .....


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Fighter practice in Nydda d'hui (now Gladenfeld)

Stephen Ironhand
Stephen's Lady
Red Tower Tourney
Lady Martel von Baeker 3 Ladies John the Bearkiller and John the Mad Celt in Action Learen of Nepenthe (and part of Starhelm Warloke) Lady Martel
lady17 Cathal mac Edan na faeled Sir Galan-Schol of Eirmeathe Saher Faux lady15
back: Rhondallyn of Golgotha, Patrick O'Istar, ?, ?, ?
front: Bearkiller, Briget of Loch Ree, and Lord Eric of Telemark
Cathal Sir Galan, Bran MacOengus, Saher Lord Eric Brigit
Brigit Rhondallyn Sir Sven of Vandalaven Cathal High table at feast with Sir Sven's brother, mother, lady, Sir Sven, Rhondallyn and John
Jerusha Kilgore Sir Galan Margarethe the Dog, lady, Sir Sven Margarethe, lady, Sir Sven lady13
Cathal Why we use devices (How many can you identify?) Cathal Cathal Sir Galen and Cathal

lady14 lord10 lord, Susan of Stokehill, William Colquitt, Lady Martel

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