The Early Years of Meridies: Summer Coronation 1978

Coronation of Sir Orlando Cavalcanti and Lady Taislinn A.S. 13

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Chrystopher Larchmont Margala of Dovedale Lijsbeth Tijsz van Brugge, Fuiltigherne ni Ruadh o'Finn, Isabeau the Fool (and Cathal) Rhondallyn of Golgotha Enriquetta
Lord Cathal mac Edan na Faelad, Baron Thor's Mountain
back: Amalynne Starchild, Domini Farnesse
Karl der Wanderer Isabeau the Fool Jerusha Kilgore Fuil, Enriquetta, lady
Seigfried, King John the Bearkiller, Mistress Godalind of Windemere (being made Baroness), Queen Cassandra Nic Kracken, and ? HRM Orlando Cavalcanti Helene of Florrisshen lady, Taliesynne Nycheymwrh, lady Margarethe the dog, Rebecca of Twynn, lady
lady 8 Barok Baran and lord Brandalyn the Flaming and Barok Baran lady9 TRM Orlando and Taislinn
back:?, ?, Saavog Haraldson, ?

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