The early years of Meridies

Silver Hammer (1983) (A.S. 18)

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Myfanwy, TRM Phelan of Cathaoir-Mor and Gilraen Derrilyn, Chrystopher Larchmont Chrystopher, King Phelan, and Queen Gilraen Chrystopher, King Phelan, Queen Gilraen, and ? combat91 ?, Orlando, ?, ?, and Edwina
King Phelan, Queen Gilraen, and ? Myfanwy, ?, King Phelan, Queen Gilraen, and ? lady, lord, HRM, King Olaf of Atlantia, and Micheila lady, lord, King Olaf, lord, lord TRM Phelan of Meridies and Olaf of Atlantia
King Phelan, King Olaf, and lord Dragnon? ?, Orlando, Roderick, ? Damien ?, ?, Orlando and Roderick, ?
King Olaf Edwina, King Phelan, and King Olaf Queen gilraen, King Phelan and King Olaf combat90 King Phelan
Roderick, ?, ?, Mad Dog, ?, ?, Orlando ?, Roderick, Orlando, Dog, ? King Olaf and Edwina King Olaf King Olaf
Queen Gilraen and King Phelan King Phelan, lord King Olaf and King Phelan Rosamounde of Mercia Eleanor of Ashley

lady and Count Sir Orlando lady, Count Sir Orlando, Countess Meghan Roderick Level-Lance of Rampart King Phelan presiding over court

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