The early years of Meridies

Silver Hammer 1984 (A.S 19)

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Sir John, the Mad Celt, ?, ? Sir Galen and Sir Orlando leaving the field back, ?, Gwyddion, ?, lady, TRH Baldar Langstrider and Ljudmilla von Kohigsberg, prince and princess of Trimaris, lady marching helms Caitlin and Michaela Nic Fhionguin
lady, TRM Ana of Plumley and Lawrence of Ashana, Orlando, and Godalind Sir Harald Bodvarson Pieter van Doorn fighting lord Lord Devin Conal MacLoughlainn and Sir Galen-Schol of Eirmeathe Sir Harald
lady, Princess Ljudmilla Count Sir John, the Mad Celt Sir Galen, ?, Mad Celt Marta Bon and lord Goldmund of Aragon, Devin, Bryan Kildonnan called Mad Dog
Leah of Mercia Prince Baldar Count Sir John and Countess Rhondallyn of Golgotha Lady Alysea of Ashley and Otto Mistress Godalind of Windemere, Baroness Thor's Mountain; back Mistress Rosamounde and Leah
Lord Karl der Wanderer Lord Karl der Wanderer TRM Lawrence of Ashana and Ana of Plumley Prince Baldar, Princess Ljudmilla, and Amberute Marta Bon and Sir Gwyddion o Gwynnedd

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