The early years of Meridies

May Tourney 1985 (A.S. 20)

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Sir Gwyddion Lord Goldmund Dragnon? and lord Goldmund of Aragon Friar Glendavar?
Seigfried and Galen Seigfried and Galen Seigfried, victorious Mistress Rosamounde of Mercia combat11
combat14 Sir Seigfried das Wilterkind combat76 Seigfried Solveig
Lady Athelthryth of Aclea Lady Athelthryth and Master Orrick of Romney Lady Athelthryth and Master Orrick Sir Sigfried and Mistress Rosamounde Eleanor of Alshley and Alysea of Ashely
Lord Karl der Wanderer Jerusha Kilgore Lady Gisela and Lady Amberute Lady Avelina of Montcrieff lady20
Serena Duc Sir Orlando Cavalcanti and Lady Michaela NicFhionghin Duc Sir Orlando and Lady Michaela Mistress Rosamounde Leah of Mercia and Hershal

Lady Amberute and Lady Gisela THL Richard the Alchemist of Wales and Joseph, son of MadDog Lord Karl

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