The early years of Meridies

Silver Hammer 1985 (A.S. 20)

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Lady Starren O'Cahan King Olaf, lord, Duc Sir Orlando and Sir Gwyddion combat71 King Olaf of Atlantia Lord Bryan Kildonan called Mad Dog and Lord Goldmund of Aragon
Lord Goldmund Sir Seigfried and 4 lords Damien? Mad Dog King Olaf, Andros, and Orlando
fighters, Sir Siegfried, fighters Andros, King Olaf, Sir Orlando, Lord Devin John the Mad Celt fighting lord combat79 Lord Valerian and Lady Solveig
Lady Marta Bon Edwina Lord Valerian Lord Valerian Mad Puppy
Mistress Godalind and Lady Amberute Lady Marthe Elsbeth of Oak Hill, Lady Avelina of Moncrieff, and Master Orrick of Romney King Olaf of Atlantia King Olaf of Atlantia King Olaf of Atlantia, and ladies
Lady Sabrina and lady Lord Taran Duc Sir Orlando and Lady Michaela Sir Devin and Lady Starren King Olaf of Atlantia

Duc Sir Orlando slays the dragon

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