The early years of Meridies

Spring Coronation 1986 (A.S. 20)
Duc Sir Orlando Cavalcanti and Lady Michaela NicFionghan

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Duke Sir John, the Bearkiller Domini Farnese and Master Taliesynne Nycheymwrh Mistress Isolde die Grauauus dem Lebendhertz Freya the Falconer Taran
HRM Adriana Maria von Groth, Queen of Trimaris Queen Adriana and son Mistress Berta of the Southern Isles Mistress Nicaret Grindal de Foix and Duke John the Mad Celt Master Ragnarr
lady22 lord12 lady32 lady31 Sir William Colquitt and Mistress Grindal
lady, lady, child, Queen Adriana Duchess Anna of Plumley TRH Duc Sir Orlando and Lady Princess Michaela Queen Adriana and son Sir Branislaus of Vilnius and Lady4
Sir Branislaus of Vilnius and Lady7 Master Rowland Addison Carrick, Master Dylan ab Aneirin y Brewddwydwir, and 2 ladies Countess Gilraen Derrilyn lady23 TRH Orlando and Michaela
lady24 Countess Ellawin Countess Ellawin Mistress Berta Mark of Ravenswood
Queen Adriana and lady Lady Gregoriana Duke Sir Lawrence of Ashana and Duchess Ana of Plumley Duke Sir John, the Mad Celt Mistress Ammalyne Starchild Haraldsdottir and Lord2
Coronation Procession Coronation Procession Coronation Procession Duke Sir Lawrence and Duchess Ana TRM Orlando and Michaela
The populace swears fealty

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