The Next 10 Years of Meridian History

Silver Hammer 1992 (A.S. 27)

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Mistress Nicaret Grindal de Foix Mistress Grindal and Mistress Alysea of Ashley Eliabeth of Ashley HRM Duke Sir John called the Bearkiller Lady Jerusha Kilgore
Lord Conrad Stronghand Countess Tamara FitzGloucester of the White Boar Annchen and Angelica Lady Hilarie TRM John the Bearkiller and Jane Falada of Englewood
TRM John and Jane lady37 Mistress Godalind of Windemere, Baroness Thor's Mountain Annchen and Angelica Countess Tamara FitzGloucester of the White Boar

Countess Rhondallyn of Golgotha
Mistress Rosamounde of Mercia and Fionn

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